Significance Of Personnel Recruitment In Implementation Of Computer Aided Design Curriculum Of Architecture Schools In Nigeria


  • Kelechi Ezeji Department of Architecture, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Uli Campus, Uli, Anambra State, Nigeria


Computer-aided design, Curriculum, Education, Personnel recruitment


The inclusion of relevant content in curricula of architecture schools is vital for the attainment of Computer Aided Design (CAD) proficiency by graduates. Implementing this content involves, among other variables, the availability of competent tutors. Consequently, this study sought to investigate the importance of personnel recruitment for inclusion of content vital to the implementation of CAD in the curriculum for architecture education. This was with a view to developing a framework for appropriate implementation of CAD curriculum. The study was focused on departments of architecture in universities in south-east Nigeria which have been accredited by the National Universities Commission. Survey research design was employed. Data were obtained from sources within the study area using questionnaire, personal interviews, physical observation/ enumeration and examination of institutional documents. A multi-stage stratified random sampling method was adopted. The first stage of stratification involved random sampling by balloting of the departments. The second stage involved obtaining respondents’ population from the number of staff and students of sample population. Chi Square analysis tool for nominal variables and Pearson’s product moment correlation test for interval variables were used for data analysis. With ρ<0.5, the study found significant correlation between the number of CAD literate academic staff and use of CAD in design studio/assignments; that increase in the overall number of teaching staff significantly affected total CAD credit units in the curriculum of the department. The implications of these findings were that for successful implementation leading to attainment of CAD proficiency to occur, CAD-literacy should be a factor in the recruitment of staff and that a policy of in-house training should be pursued.




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